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Dainty Collection


The collection that treasures never-go-out-of-style heirloom jewellery
Look what’s coming your way
Are the tiny little baubles
To put a twinkle in your eye
And leave a sweet sensation

Our Creation

The Dainty is unique from other jewellery collections. It is a promise to jewellery connoisseurs to reach the peak of their aspirations with its flashy designs that speak for themselves of enduring grace and splendour. Crafted with great imagination to decipher incredible craftsmanship, the Dainty makes a curious combination of novelty, freshness and uniqueness. The treasured art of brilliant designs and fine detailing is comprehensively seen in the complete Dainty range, whether it is a diamond engagement ring, pendant or earrings. The collection is simple yet modern, that reflects the love for eclectic and one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces. Engraved to perfection with gemstones of high quality, the Dainty delivers breathtaking designs with simplicity to charm all ages. Shiny creations in yellow and white metal are accentuated with an appealing dash of diamonds to add some bling while keeping it subtle and let feminism shine with poise.
Design Philosophy
The collection is an embodiment of the concept that jewellery forms one’s heritage, one’s evolution and one’s family.  The drive behind the Dainty Collection is to craft inspirational, timeless and irresistible pieces that are unique, delicate and forms indelible memories that can never be replaced. Regardless what the occasion is- birthday, engagement, marriage or anniversary, the collection celebrates the sentimental journey associated with every special event of life. The appeal of the collection is so much so that it catches eyes at a precise moment, and becomes quintessential to have it in your jewellery wardrobe and to become part of heirloom jewellery.  So what’s holding you back? Step into the fascinating world of exquisite pieces from the Dainty and choose for yourself some treasures that you and generations to come can enjoy.

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