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How we craft jewellery

Every piece of diamond jewellery by GemTrove is crafted by highly skilled craftsmen to become the symbol of love that lasts forever.  Our in-house design and production studio has exceptional facilities to assure that each piece of diamond jewellery is impeccably done.

Although we possess the most advanced and technologically and apparatus, the jewellery manufacturing process beings with the old casting process. Please follow our step-by-step guide to explore the method that ends in the production of a beautifully jewellery.

Kindly follow our step-by-step guide, which is laid down in the form of the flow chart and know the exciting process that culminates in the manufacturing of beautiful diamond jewellery.

Step-1: Creation of the Wax Model

The first step is the production of the wax model. The wax is created by injecting molten wax into a prefabricated rubber mould. For the desired result, the correct pressures are applied and timed accurately. The waxes are checked to ensure that they are free from defects and flaws such as air bubbles, distinct join lines, and irregularities of surface colour, finish and flashing. Great attention is vital during this process to safeguard perfect waxes are produced.

Wax is used primarily because it retains its shape during the moulding process, and therefore produces excellent results. Additionally, wax burns away cleanly and efficiently.


Step-2: Placing the Wax on the Casting Tree

Second step is to select the appropriate size of casting options through the assessment of waxes by size and mass. On a normal format tree, lighter weight rings will be placed toward the top and the heavier ones will be positioned lower down the tree.

When all rings have been correctly placed, a can, or flask, is placed over the tree. The solution similar to plaster of Paris, is then poured in the container and left for 3 hours to set.

Step-3: Casting

The container in which the solution is poured and set is placed in a furnace overnight. During the process that wax burns out making an inverse mould.

The casting of gold and silver alloys takes place in a vacuum pressure casting machine. The metal is melted in a graphite crucible that is heated to the correct temperature using an induction coil. When the correct temperature is reached, the skilled operator will instigate the casting process.


Firstly, the casting chamber is flushed with helium. This ensures that any foreign gases are removed. Then a vacuum is applied to the lower chamber; the stopper is lifted in the upper chamber, allowing the metal to flow into the mould through the process of gravity. This sequence of events is determined by pre-set programmes to ensure that each stage is activated at the exact time to achieve perfect results. The vacuum is then released, and the chamber opens. When the cast tin is removed, it is immersed in water to reveal the cast tree.

Step-4: Setting and Polishing

At the stage when the diamond is to be finally set up ,our team will be helping you in selecting the diamond as per your requirement. Every diamond is rigorously checked for continuity of cut, carat, clarity and colour. All diamonds are tested several times before they are set into the ring.

Once the appropriate diamond is selected, the jeweller will set the ring. The facets of the diamond are expertly filed to ensure that the diamond will sit perfectly in its setting. When the diamond is set, the piece of jewellery will be glossed and polished to achieve a vivid sheen and sparkle .

Step-5: Rhodium Plating

Rhodium is naturally occurring element of the platinum group of metals. It involves covering one metal surface with a very thin layer of another through electrolysis. Rhodium plating adds sparkle and lustre to the jewellery piece and helps in resisting tarnishing. Under the process, the item to be plated is dipped in a solution containing the rhodium plating metal. When an electric current is passed to the mix, the tiny suspended particles of plating metal bond to the surface of the immersed piece of jewellery, dramatically giving a new land sheen look to your jewellery.

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