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Perfect diamond buying guide

What To Look For When Buying Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are more than just beautiful gemstones; they are a financial and emotional investment. There isn’t only one way to determine how to make the correct purchase. A variety of elements come into play when finding the right diamond jewellery or loose diamond stone. Here are the various ways that can help you determine how to invest in loose diamonds or diamond jewellery.

4 C’s And Quality Grading Of Loose Diamonds

We ensure you will get a quality diamond when you purchase GemTrove. We have all our diamonds quality tested through the methods of the Gemological Institute of Australia (GIA). Our GIA certified diamonds are assessed through the 4 C’s: cut, clarity, carat weight and colour.

Cut: The cut of a diamond deals with its angles and proportions to determine its overall value. The cut is important because it lays out how well light can travel within the stone for it to have its signature sparkle. Learn more.

Clarity: Due to the way the stone is created, a diamond will have imperfections such as inclusions or blemishes. The clearer the diamond the better. An inclusion is a deformity within the stone while a blemish is a surface mark. Learn more.

Colour: The clear, glass-like surface of a diamond can make it appear like it is colourless, the stone does have a hue. The less visible colour a diamond has, the more valuable it is. A diamond has natural hints of brown or yellow shades that can be assessed under a microscope. Learn more.

Carat Weight: The carat weight represents how dense a diamond is. While it can affect the price value of the stone, carat weight isn’t as important as the other 4 C’s. This is because a heavy stone can still have a low-quality cut, have many blemishes or a dull colour. It’s recommended to consider the other qualities of cut, clarity and colour before carat weight.  Learn more.





Diamonds As Birthstones And Anniversary Gems

Due to their immense beauty and popularity, diamonds are also associated with special personal milestones. From anniversaries to birthstones, you can purchase a diamond to personalise a gift for a loved one.

Birthstone: Those born in April have their birth month associated with diamonds. Learn more about birthstones here.

Anniversary: The majority of anniversary milestones are associated with a specific gemstone, precious material or accessory. For instance, the 1st anniversary is linked with gold. Diamonds are the anniversary gems for both the 10th and 60th wedding anniversary. Learn more about anniversary gems here.

Sterling Diamond Jewellery Styles

There are a variety of classic and contemporary jewellery styles for diamonds. Your chosen style can have a major influence on what kind of diamond you need to purchase or simply what suits your personal tastes. Popular jewellery settings available for diamonds include:

Engagement Rings

Propose to your beloved with a timeless diamond engagement ring. Renowned as the iconic symbol of proposals, a diamond engagement ring is traditional, sophisticated and can be custom made to suit your unique wife to be.

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Wedding Bands

Celebrate your commitment with a stunning diamond wedding band. From single stone settings to a completely studded wedding band, nothing says eternal love like a lavish diamond that will last a lifetime.

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Other styles include:
  • Diamond earrings
  • Diamond pendants
  • Diamond cufflinks
  • Diamond bracelets
  • Diamond charms

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Discover Our Stunning Range Of Bespoke Diamond Jewellery

Need help looking for the right diamond jewellery? Get in touch with GemTrove today. Our friendly consultants can help you the right diamond accessory to suit your tastes and needs.

At GemTrove we are renowned for our carefully curated collection of premium loose diamonds and diamond jewellery. View our entire diamond catalogue online now or visit our flagship store in Melbourne.

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