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We know, buying diamond jewellery is a lifetime investment, and thus, the concern over its authentication is obvious. Similar looking diamonds can have immense variations in their value. In this case, quality attested certificates happen to be a common language of trust and confidence. Certificates unveil accurate details about the quality of the product. For the very best assurance of diamonds quality, buying certified diamond jewellery is a smart choice.

In the world of gems, trusted institutes like GIA and HRD employ powerful analytical tools and determine the quality of diamonds depending on their gemological composition, finished quality and natural rarity. Individuals should buy only those diamonds that are certified by such certification organisations that authenticate the quality of diamonds in the true sense. Gemstones should only change hands when accompanied by a certificate attesting to quality. Transfer of certificate is an essential part of any buying & selling of gemstones.

GemTrove is committed to stand behind every jewellery purchase and provide reliable quality products to its customers. Our Jewellery Certification Partners are :

 GIA Diamond Grading 

The non-profit organisation, Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is a leading authority in gemology. It was established in the year 1931 with a purpose to safeguard the interest of sellers and buyers across the world by establishing standards of authenticating quality of diamonds, pearls and coloured gemstones. At GIA laboratories, the quality and value of a diamond are analysed based on key characteristics of diamonds- Cut, Carat weight, Clarity and Colour.


GIA Diamond Grading Report

The GIA Diamond grading report includes full quality assessment of the 4Cs- Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight. The report highlights the clarity characteristics of a diamond with a plotted diagram and graphically represents diamond's proportions. For the round brilliant cut diamonds falling in the colour range of D-to-Z, the GIA grading report also includes a GIA Cut grade.

All our gemstones are thoroughly examined and graded at the world-renowned laboratories of GIA. All the diamonds you purchase from GemTrove have GIA certificate along with a visual diagram representing the diamond's proportion. This grading certification is provided to all loose diamonds weighing 0.25 and more. Besides the grading information, the report also includes a microscopic laser inscription of the report number.

Details in a GIA Certificate:

Date: Located at the topmost left corner of the report, it shows the date on which the diamond was examined and issued by GIA. 

GIA Report Number : Unique GIA identification number.

Laser Inscription Registry: The Gia Report Number is micro laser inscribed.

Shape And Cutting Style: Description of the outline of the diamond (shape) and the pattern of the facet arrangement (cutting style).

Measurements: The dimensions of the diamond listed as minimum diameter - maximum diameter x depth for round diamonds and length x width x depth for fancy shape diamonds.

Carat Weight: The weight of the diamond given in carats.

Colour Grade: The assessment of absence of colour from colourless to light yellow or brown when compared to GIA Master Colour Comparison Diamonds.

Clarity Grade: The assessment of inclusions (internal characteristics) and blemishes (external characteristics) visible under 10x magnifiers.

Clarity Characteristics: The description of any internal and / or external characteristics, if present.

Cut Grade: A grading for the cut of diamond ranging from excellent to fair.

Polish: The overall condition or smoothness of the diamond's surface.

Symmetry: Exactness of the diamond's outline and the shape, placement and alignment of its facets.

Fluorescence: The strength and the colour of the diamond when viewed under long-wave ultraviolet light.

Comments: The additional identifying characteristics or features that are otherwise not represented in the report.

GIA Colour and Clarity Scales: The grading scale graphics of GIA Clarity and Colour with the relative positions of colour and inclusions in the GIA Diamond Grading System.

Proportion Diagram:A Graphical profile representation with the diamond's actual proportions.

Security Features: A suite of security components including a hologram, security screen and microprint lines in addition to several other proprietary security features to ensure integrity. 

GIA Diamond Dossier

The grading information offered by the GIA Diamond Dossier is similar to that of the GIA Diamond Grading Report. The difference between the two is that GIA Diamond Dossier is without the plotted diagram. And, for an added security the most Dossier gradings offers a microscopic laser inscription of the report number on the diamond's girdle.

The GIA laboratory offers the Diamond Dossier service for loose, natural diamonds weighing between 0.15-0.99 carats and in the D-Z colour range.

Most of our diamonds possess a microscopic laser inscription along with their certificate numbers for easy identification of diamonds.

Certificate of Origin Authenticity Cards

Abbreviated as COO or C/O, a Certificate of Origin is a document used in international trade. The certificate authenticates that the goods have been completely produced, manufactured or processes in a particular country.



CanadaMark™ Certificate of Origin

All the Diamonds with the CanadaMarkTM hallmark are mined from the BHP Billiton's Ekati Diamond MineTM in Canada. Only the finest rough crystals are hand-picked from the Ekati mine and then developed into CanadaMarkTM diamonds. After the discovery of the BHP Billiton's Ekati Diamond MineTM, Canada became the third largest supplier of quality diamonds in the world.

CanadaMarkTM has established strict and specific standards for graded diamonds to meet high-quality requirements. The specified quality requirements include colour, symmetry, clarity and finish. Every CanadaMarkTM diamond, along with the GIA certificate, comes with its Certificate of Origin, assuring its origin and brilliance. A serial number with more than just a group of figures is inscribed via laser on the girdle of CanadaMarkTM diamonds. The certificate card of CanadaMarkTM diamond also carries the serial number.


International Gemological Institute

International Gemological Institute commonly abbreviated as IGI is an organisation for certification of coloured stones, diamonds and fine jewellery. Headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium, IGI is the independent gemological laboratory in the world. Since its commencement in the year 1975, IGI has been at the forefront of technology. It caters grading needs of buyers and sellers through independent grading reports, identification & appraisal reports, coloured stone reports, laser inscription services and diamond authentication and attestations of origin.



National Council of Jewellery Valuers

National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) was established in 1984 to promote and uphold the professional standards for jewellery and fine arts valuation in Australia.NCJV undertakes regular market research and gives its members access to the latest testing equipment and procedures to provide a scientific analysis of semi-precious and precious gems. Through the NCJV, its members can reach out to other experts for resources, technical advice and information on industry issues. 

Hearts and Arrows

Hearts and Arrows is our exceptional CanadaMarkTM collection. Hearts and Arrows are those diamonds that show an arrow pattern when viewed from the top and eight hearts when viewed through its pavilion (bottom). A true H&A diamond shows patterns at a single glance and indicates that diamond possesses an optically perfect symmetry.


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