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gold ring with sapphire and diamonds

  • Gold ring with sapphire and diamonds

Engagement rings with the white gold ring with sapphire and diamonds are a booming trend that does not seem to disappear very soon. They render a vibrant alternative and are an ideal solution to those who look for something more unique. With numerous hands ornamented with this gorgeous coloured gemstone, there are infinite inspirations available on how to incorporate this gem into your ring.

The classic brilliant Sapphire choice is the halo Sapphire engagement ring, designed by taking inspiration from the most famous Sapphire engagement ring, “the ring of Princess Diana which is now worn by Princess Kate”. This beautiful style surrounds the centre Sapphire with a halo of diamonds that highlight and accentuate the centre stone. For a royal and imperial look, you may choose a blue Sapphire.

The Sapphire Halo

sapphire ringThe three stone sapphire ring, which is believed to symbolise the past, present and future, traditionally features a diamond as the centre stone and two accompanying Sapphires set on both the side. This may also go another way around, you may put up a Sapphire as the centre stone and diamonds on both the sides. The sequences are numerous with all the sparkling varieties of Sapphires available to choose from. Here we’ve chosen a yellow sapphire from our different coloured sapphire collection.

Three Stone Sapphire

coloured diamond


Many don’t like the look of too much sparkle with so many diamonds surrounding their Sapphire. Some prefer a smashing solitaire that speaks for itself. With an array of colourful options and interesting shapes available, a decent sized Sapphire set into a solitaire design will offer a ravishing and elegant piece. One of our favourites is this sizzling sapphire set into a band studded with diamonds.

The Solitaire Sapphire 

sapphire and diamond ring

When you decide to buy a Sapphire, you’ll be surprised to see endless options. And if you are unfamiliar with the types and varieties of sapphire, It is suggested that you do a proper homework before making a purchase.  Visit for stunning Sapphires and engagement rings


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