Moonstone- Alternate June Birthstone


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moonstone- alternate june birthstone

  • Moonstone- Alternate June Birthstone

Did you know that the month of June counts more than one gemstone as a birthstone? Pearl, Moonstone and Alexandrite!



Since we have already spoken about the pearl, today well talk about one of the other alternate birthstones of June which are – Moonstone. Characterised by a ravishing play of light, Moonstone owes its name to an enigmatic sparkle which looks different when the stone is turned or moved. The name was given by an eminent Roman historian Pliny, who also believed and advocated that the appearance of this stone altered with the moon’s different phases.

A member of the feldspar group, Moonstone covers more than half of the rocky crust of Earth. Moonstone occurs mainly in metamorphic and igneous rocks, which is found in a variety of colours such as blue, peach, green and champagne.

An exceptional gemstone, moonstone displays a floating play of light which is termed as Adularescence in the gemstone terminology. Sometimes the Moonstone also displays a multi-rayed star or a cat’s eye.

Moonstone is generally considered a sacred stone in India. You would often find the stone displayed on a background of yellow or saffron colour, and are believed to sheathe within the stone a spirit whose purpose is to bring good fortune.

The most valued and best quality moonstones are sourced from Australia, Sri Lanka; India, USA, Madagascar and Myanmar.

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