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From classy diamond solitaire rings to stunningly vibrant cocktail rings, each design at Gemtrove is intricately crafted using fabulous quality gemstones and exquisite details. The rings at Gemtrove celebrate some of the most inspiring stories of love, passion and achievements.

Cocktail rings represent the classy style statement of the wearer with their large, dramatic and oversized appearance. These rings are often worn in extravagant and lavish parties. There is no specific set of style for cocktail rings, but such rings mostly have a huge, centred diamond or gemstone enveloped in tiny intricate diamonds or gemstones in a halo or sequin pattern.

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Also known as ‘ cluster rings’ or ‘ dinner rings’, Cocktail rings are introduced in 1930’s and 40’s and are back in fashion with a bang. With an adorable collection, GemTrove offers a dazzling range of glamorous cocktail rings studded with personalised diamonds and gemstones.

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