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shopping for engagement rings

  • Shopping for Engagement Rings

It is not hidden from anyone that buying an engagement ring is an overwhelming activity, even bewildering, mostly for those men who are jumping into the deep sea of love and proposal for the first time 

Shopping for an engagement ring should be an exciting experience although. Don’t let the over the counter trap; with a huge set of standard monotonous options and suggestions of what she might like or rules for buying an engagement ring intimidate you. In the end, the most important thing that matters is the love two of you share, so stay loyal to what your gut is telling you and whenever in doubt ask for some help in between the way from a sister, mother or close girlfriend. Because often, engagement ring shopping is a smart blend of understanding and trust among people; yourself, expert suggestions, elders’ advice, the people who know her best or sometimes even herself!


When you begin to search for the right ring there is a long list of things you often have to consider; diamond, metal, style… If you are new in this game and quite less confident about your jewellery ‘lingo’ down then how you would tell the difference between your solitaires and halos to escape that face washing situation with a blank look when prompted by a jeweller when you are on one of your first visits to the jeweller?

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