The Eternity Ring... and when should you gift it


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the eternity ring

  • The Eternity Ring

The third or maybe fourth ring to complete the set of the wedding rings (which includes- optional proposal ring, engagement ring, wedding ring and the eternity ring). The eternity ring is usually resting last on your finger, sitting the most distant from you. Eternity Rings traditionally look exactly like the wedding ring. If your wedding ring is that of diamonds, then the eternity ring would too look like that. There’s no rule in such case; certain couples even love to contrast their eternity ring by mixing metals, gemstones and styles.  Usually, women with simple wedding rings wish to embellish their eternity ring with diamonds and gemstones.

What is a Full Eternity ring?

eternity ring


You may often come across the word full eternity ring. This means an eternity rings which are studded with diamonds all around. It is really important to be sure about the correct finger size before choosing a full circle set eternity ring. This is because it is very difficult and expensive to re-size a ring in future which has diamonds set all around.

When should you receive Eternity ring?

eternity rings

Similarly, there are no set rules about the style and type of your eternity ring; there isn’t any set rule about when you should get an eternity ring.  Earlier it was believed that eternity rings were traditionally given on or after ten wedding anniversary, howbeit in modern days, it has become a trend for an eternity ring to be presented on the first wedding anniversary. But it is entirely your personal choice. How about making it a surprise and mark an anniversary that she would not guess!

surprise eternity ring

Eternity rings, in general, bring a beautiful opportunity for couples to bring some colour into their wedding set with coloured gemstones or come up with a design that is unique, and can match well with their engagement and wedding rings!

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