How fluorescence affect the colour of diamonds


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how fluorescence affect the colour of diamonds

  • How fluorescence affect the colour of diamonds

Fluorescence in the diamonds is an aspect that causes the change in colour in certain diamonds when they are exposed to the ultraviolet light that surrounds us every day in sunlight as well as in the light produced by fluorescent light bulbs.

The reports revealed by Diamond grading expert states whether or not a diamond fluoresces, and if it does, it fluoresces in much amount like — faintly, weakly, moderately, strongly or very strongly. The Diamond grading reports also unveil the colour produced by a diamond’s fluorescence which is generally yellow, blue or white.

So the question arises, “How does fluorescence affect the diamond’s colour?” This happens when a yellowish diamond fluoresces blue; the effect could be strong enough to mask the yellowish tint when viewed under a jewellery store’s fluorescent bulbs. You might be surprised by the diamond’s true yellowish appearance when you look at it at home under different lighting.

The other way round is true for diamonds with yellowish fluorescence. They would appear whiter under incandescent lights but acquire a yellowish tint in the ultraviolet light.

The yellowish fluorescence diamonds are considered cheaper and less desirable than whiter diamonds. However, the blue fluorescence increases the diamond’s price with a dash of a yellow tone.

How fluorescence affect the colour of diamonds

How fluorescence affect the colour of diamondsIt is always important for you to be satisfied with the diamonds you select and purchase. It is recommended that you ask your jeweller to help you with some examples of fluorescence and try to see the diamonds in several types of light before making any decision, especially if you are considering diamonds without any grading documentation.




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