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where do diamonds come from?

  • Where do Diamonds come from?

Since the very beginning when diamond trade prevailed, all the diamonds came from India. Most of the most popular and precious in the history hailed from this country such as the Orlov- 190ct, the pink Darya-e-Noor- 182ct, the Great Mogul-250ct, the Regent-140ct, the Kohinoor-105ct and the Tavernier Blue-112ct which was stolen and perhaps re-cut in the Hope-45ct are few to name.

Prior to the 16th century, India enjoyed the position of being the only place for diamonds until other diamond-rich places were discovered like Brazil which is considered new India for Diamonds. South Africa, Australia and Russia are now the best places for diamond mining since the 20th century. Since the early 80’s, Australia has been producing the most diamonds worldwide.



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