How to get a custom engagement ring designed


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how to get a custom engagement ring designed

  • How to get a custom engagement ring designed

You are soon planning to tie the wedding knot and unsure about having your engagement ring custom designed. The only reason for that could be that you are clueless about the procedure involved. Are you surrounded in your mind about the questions like; “how much a specially designed engagement ring will cost you?”

Let us at Gemtrove help you understand the stages of having a custom engagement ring design?

How to get a custom engagement ring designed


The first stage is to decide upon your jeweller. Much prettily you are finding someone who custom makes engagement ring designs on site. You are also thinking about the place which should look completely comfortable to actually conceptualise your vision for what your engagement ring is going to look like.

Sitting down with a professional jewellery designer is the second and important stage of customising your engagement jewellery. A skilled jewellery designer will guide you through all the steps, and advice you on how to beautifully personalise your engagement ring design so that it is completely stunning and very special to you. He would sure ask you some general yet important questions like; what are your design preferences? (shape, width and height of your ring) How would you want your ring to look like?

How to get a custom engagement ring designed

How to get a custom engagement ring designed

Creating phase comes into the third stage of ring customisation. In this stage, the jewellery designer will coordinate with your master jeweller to ensure the designs are being made as per your tastes and style.

The fourth stage is the unveiling of final ring stage.? This is the most beautiful stage of the whole process. Watching the absolute joy on a couple’s face as they are almost brought to tears because the final design of the ring is even prettier than they ever fancied it could be, is what touches our team at Gemtrove every day. Quite perfect is simply not satisfying enough for us as we aim for nothing less than awesome.

How to get a custom engagement ring designed

If you would also love to experience the joy of wearing a customised ring for your engagement, you can log on to  or call on  +61 3 9663 9001   to make an appointment for beautiful custom engagement ring designs.





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