Classification of Emerald Clarity enhancement at GIA


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classification of emerald clarity enhancement at gia gem trade laboratory

  • Classification of Emerald Clarity enhancement at GIA Gem Trade Laboratory

The degree of clarity enhancement in the emerald filling is one of the major concerns represented by such minor, moderate or significant treatments. Sometimes what happens, we see a stone which is visibly excellent in terms of clarity to the untrained eyes but often turns out to be full of flaws; like many areas which could be easily damaged by a little pressure or a voluminous network of filled fissures.

With the help of the diamond clarity grading system of GIA as a framework, the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory has come up with a methodology to constitute the number, size, and position of filled fissures in an emerald and on this basis to classify the apparent degree of clarity enhancement achieved.

The experienced gemologists have classified each one of the 500+ filled emeralds to determine the sustainability and usefulness of the methodology. Backed by this research, a new emerald report will be offered by GIA on which the degree of clarity enhancement detected will be marked as “minor,” “moderate,” or “significant.”

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