Hints for him to pick the RIGHT Ring!


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hints for him to pick the right ring!

  • Hints for him to pick the RIGHT Ring!

As the time is passing by the moment is nearing closer when your partner may ask you for marriage. A marriage proposal yes!! And If you are sneaking into that often obvious suspicion that he is up to something or your gut feeling is saying that he is looking up for that perfect ring to propose you, now is the perfect time to drop the hints!

Not many men go for a Surprise Proposal, but most of those planning to propose to do stick to the traditional way and begin the hunt on their own to find that special ring for their lady love. If you are already dreaming about your style of the ring then it is best to politely guide him in the right direction to avoid any kind of disappointment.

  1. If you are after a full proof way of making sure he selects the ring then the best thing is to visit a jeweller that you feel comfortable with,  choose the designs you love and then leave the business card of the jeweller for him to visit.
  1. For some not so clever hints email him pictures of the rings you love.
  1. You may leave magazines at home casually opened to the page with the ring you love.
  1. Put the image of the engagement ring you always wanted as a wallpaper of your mobile phone or computer.
  1.  Exploit the power of social media and pin or Instagram the ring you love.
  1. If you are not one of those demanding girls and have your heart set on coloured gemstones make sure he knows this.
  1. If you are still confused about the exact style, leave your jewellery around for him to get an idea of your style, which may include the colour metal of your choice and your finger size.

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