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welcome to gemtrove diamonds

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Welcome to the sparkling world of GemTrove, we believe this blog will help you gain a greater understanding about diamonds and diamond jewellery, helping you navigate through the common pitfalls of choosing a diamond or diamond jewellery and who knows, it could even spark a lifelong love affair with this rare and beautiful crystallised carbon gemstone, that is a diamond.

So if you are a novice or budding expert, interested in ethical jewellery, conflict-free diamonds, latest diamond jewellery trends, naturally coloured diamonds or just curious what all the fuss is about, this blog is sure to have a little facet for you!!


GemTrove is one of Australia’s educated and informed diamond traders, with high qualification and immense understanding of excellent quality and reassuring jewellery. With international associations and manufacturing arrangements and a part of a global network of diamond miners, cutters and jewellery craftsmen, all devoted to supplying you with the value for the money when it comes to our jewellery.

We’re proud to stand behind every piece of jewellery or diamond we sell and strive to become your family’s number one choice jeweller – for generations to come.

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