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engagement ring in 5 styles for 2015

  • Engagement Ring in 5 Styles for 2015

The year 2014 has wound up and we are already settling into a new fresh year of dreams, anticipations and good future.  The New Year resolutions and personal goals are already made and done at the beginning of the year 2015. Few of you may have decided that this year you are going to propose to the love of your life for the wedding or some of you may be dropping hints to your beloved that this is the year you want to get hooked forever. If this sounds you, then you would sure want to start considering which style of engagement ring is for you.

Solitaire rings have always been the classic and timeless choice and are definite to win the heart of your beloved. But here we are up with five engagement ring trends for those that long for something a little more luxurious: come fall in love with the designs

Engagement Ring with the twists

Halo ring


A style that has lately become more and more popular, adds all-embracing curves to the traditional straight band engagement ring is the stunning engagement ring with curves. This style replicates a charming Entice look and appears fabulous with diamonds set into the shank.

Re-creations of Vintage

vintage ring


The trend of Vintage style rings would never fade away. Be it a harmony, tiara or helix; there are endless sources of inspiration for Vintage Creations. Vintage rings, from any era, usually have intricate style details and may have filigree, engraving, mil grain and so many small diamonds.


Colour Engagement Rings

coloured stone engagement ring


Diamonds sometimes may not be all the girls’ best friend. Colour gemstone engagement rings are increasingly becoming popular. The recent couple of years we have seen a great surge in blue Sapphire engagement rings all credits to the engagement ring of Princess Kate’s. The trend has also caused a rise in popularity amongst other coloured gemstones. Soft and light colour gemstones like pale pinks, soft canary yellows and pastel blues look beautiful and are fast appearing as the desired choice for many.


Diamond Encrusted Rings

side diamonds ring


Some girls can never have enough sparkle and shine! If this is sounding exactly like your partner, then you may want to choose a ring with diamonds set all around the band. This is also another wonderful way to add some more sparkle and smiles!

Different Shaped Diamond Rings

pear shaped diamond

Brilliant round cut diamonds are evergreen and, unarguably a lovely choice. But if you have something specific and a little more personal with an extra character in mind, then there are many exquisite different shaped diamonds such as the Cushion, Asscher, Oval, Pear, Emerald, or Radiant, are to name a few. The most appealing thing about fancy cut diamonds is you can ‘get more bang for your buck’!  As brilliant round cut diamonds are the more in demand, and there is a lot of wastage involved in cutting this shape diamond, you can increase your diamond possessions if you’re willing to look out of the box or to be a little more adventurous.

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