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choose a perfect engagement ring

  • Choose a perfect engagement ring

The most crucial and toughest part is over! Yes, you’ve finally found your soul mate. Now what? It is the time to find out the perfect ring and propose her in a most romantic style.

For many people finding a perfect engagement ring for their spouse is their first experience in fine jewellery buying. With our years of experience in the jewellery business, we’ve been helping thousands of new couples and soon to be married couples in finding right diamonds and rings for the beginning of their eternal relationship. And we still continue to share our expertise with the customers each day.

Choose a perfect engagement ring

Since the day Archduke Maximilian, I of Burgundy presented the first ring to Mary, the Duchess in 1477, the concept of buying a diamond engagement ring has completely changed. In the current scenario with all the information handy, it just takes few smart taps on keyboard to begin your search for the perfect diamond, right setting and matching metal from around the world. We completely agree that you are a smart champ with all the knowledge and information on your fingertips and a good inventory of engagement rings online, we still believe that these tried and tested considerations will sure help you get the best engagement ring for the love of your life.

There are total seven steps to follow to turn up with a perfect engagement ring for your lady love. In this blog, we would share three steps with you and the following blog would talk about more.

There you go…

  1. Decide your Budget

Deciding on a budget really helps in choosing a right engagement. Normally the industry promotes a guideline of 2 months’ salary. This, however, is a quite outdated concept. At the end of the day is totally your personal choice and once you both are comfortable as a couple, such things become easy. When you enter an online diamond shop you’ll be exposed to an unprecedented inventory of certified diamonds along with the ability to compare their prices. This would help you with many options within your budget. You can, then, narrow down your choices on the basis of 4C’s (cut, colour, clarity, carat weight) of diamonds and get the best value for the size, quality and characteristics you were seeking for your diamond. 

Once you are done, our 24 hours diamond consultants will help you find the best gemstone (out of more than 10,000 certified loose diamonds) and setting your budget.

Choose a perfect engagement ring

  1. Think about the style

Off course diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but, not any other diamond could win her heart. It has to be of her choice too. Mostly women are pre-composed with the idea of her choice of diamond shape, metal and setting type. You need to be watchful and observe the jewellery she usually wears. That could give you an idea of her preferences in a diamond shape, choice of metal and settings. Couples these days go together to shop for their engagement ring. But if you have planned to surprise her, you may take help of her close friends or relatives to obtain the information you need. Choose a ring that not only symbolises your love for her but also reflect her personal style statement.

Choose a perfect engagement ring

  1. Narrow down shapes

At GemTrove you’ll find a classic collection of certified diamonds in almost all the shapes – round, princess, emerald, Asscher, radiant, cushion, marquise, pear, oval, and heart.

The round brilliant diamond is the most popular shape in engagement ring followed by princess cut diamonds. If your fiancée’s taste is inclined towards traditional with a classic touch, she will prefer the round brilliant solitaire. If her style is modern and minimalist, she may opt for the emerald cut with its long lean lines or an Asscher diamond that looks like a square emerald.

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