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choose an engagement ring matching your skin tone

  • Choose an Engagement Ring matching your skin tone

Buying an engagement ring is also a kind of outfit shopping. Though an engagement ring is very much permanent, ‘never’ to change choice and especially for this particular reason it becomes really important to get it right for the first time. When making a choice what we wear we consider our likings, style, what suits us better and what colour compliments our skin tone. The same goes very important when you choose your engagement ring. With an engagement ring, luckily, your options are somewhat limited. First of all, you have to consider your metal choice and then a Gemstone that’ll compliment you.

When you are choosing your metal, there are three primary options, white metals, yellow gold or rose gold. The most popular choices are white metals, that may be white gold or platinum, and then a close race can be seen in between yellow gold and rose gold. The general rule says a white coloured metal suits cooler skin tone and the gold suits warmer skin tones. However, in the middle of the two is rose gold, which, according to many, is the most versatile colour of metal and also suits most of the skin tones.


How do you know if you have cold or warm skin tone? 

The ones with a rosy or pink undertone who are easily prone to sunburn and find it difficult to tan usually fall under the category of cool skin tone. On the contrary, those with olive or darker skin who are less susceptible to sunburn and tan naturally fall into the warm skin tone. If you don’t find yourself under either of the two categories, then you’re most likely one of those having ‘neutral’ skin tone. Those with Neutral skin tone are the ‘luckiest’ ones, who generally can choose any of the most coloured metals and gemstones.

Now the question arises for the centre Gemstone Diamonds are the most preferred choice for the engagement ring, and thankfully you cannot go wrong with a diamond no matter what your skin tone is. However, not everyone has their heart set on a diamond some prefer a splash of colour and love for coloured gemstones. So what colour suits you the best? If you are one of those with cooler skin tone then dazzling bright colours like pink, blue, green and purple will suit you the best. If you are the one with darker skin tones then warmer, earthier colours such as browns, oranges, reds, yellows and darker hues will look perfect on you. If you have neutral skin tones, try to mix and match warmer coloured metals with cooler gemstones. You are blessed with the freedom to experiment.

rose gold ring

Do remember one thing that here we are just giving the guidelines! When choosing your engagement ring, it is best advised to have an idea of what suits you best, but the most important thing is to stick to your style and the voice of your heart.

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