Australia observes Anzac Day today.


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australia observes anzac day today

  • Australia observes Anzac Day today.

Today is the most important day in Australia! The Anzac Day, on which we pay homage to Australians who served and died in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

The real spirit of Anzac, with its noble qualities of sacrifice, mateship and courage shall always have relevance and meaning for our sense of National Identity.

The Anzac Day today goes beyond the anniversary of the landing on Gallipoli in 1915. It is now a national celebration for the Australians who fought for the safety of its citizens.

April 25 th every year since the First World War in 1914 is observed as the Anzac Day (an occasion of national remembrance) in Australia. The remembrance takes place in two forms. One is Commemorative services, which are held at dawn at the time of original landing across the nation. Later in the day, ex-servicemen and women gather to partake in military marches throughout the major cities and most of the smaller Australian centres. Commemorative services are held at the war memorials and strictly a formal affair.

This is how Anzac Day is observed in Australia. It is the time when we Australians reflect on the various meanings of War.

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