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Have you ever wondered what happens to those who are not happy with their surprise engagement rings? Oh yes we understand not liking the engagement rings is a very strong sentiment, and most of the ladies would never want to reveal to their partners that they did not like the rings they had received on their engagement. But for other few, the engagement rings are their most prized possessions as it’s the ring that signifies that her man has proposed the lady, so they simply want their engagement rings to be perfect. So if you find yourself in the above-mentioned situation on your engagement with the proposal rings that are not according to your perfect dream ring, then don’t frown. There are always some solutions and tricks that can be adopted by couples like you who want their engagement rings perfect – the way you always dreamed it would be. Here are a few options that you can consider if you are not happy with your engagement rings. Exchange your engagement ring if you are not happy with it  The reputed jewellers believe in keeping their customers happy, so they won’t mind exchanging the purchased engagement rings with the ones of your choice. The most important thing to keep in mind, while going down the path of exchanging the engagement rings is to be very clear about what you do not like in your engagement ring. Otherwise, the worst outcome of your exchange would be another disappointment with your second choice. This time, you might not get another chance to exchange the engagement rings all over again.

Engagement Rings

Modify your ring if you are not happy with it Sometimes it’s just the minor thing in the engagement rings which most couples are unhappy with. If the modification or alteration often couples wanted to do in the engagement rings are not major it might get corrected as per their choices. For example, if your engagement rings have a slant look, edgy cuts or flat profile, you can easily get their edges softened and make the engagement rings look round giving a finer appearance. The heights of engagement rings can also be lowered if you find it a little or higher.

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Remember issues of the heart always need special care and treatment. So don’t forget to tell your spouse how much you love him/her. Choose the right time to reveal your views on the engagement rings, and if you feel it might help, buy your spouse something as a gift that they have been eyeing off since long. This might help to calm down the blow. However, the best way to escape this situation is to share this blog link on engagement rings with your partner whom you think is planning to propose marriage to you. The blog also features tips to buy engagement rings. 

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