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engagement ring current trends

  • Engagement ring current trends

The most recent and selling engagement ring trends currently seen on celebrities and the common people alike are rings with pave diamond accents, vintage details and coloured gemstones put on as a centre stone of the ring.

Engagement ring current trends

Rings inspired by Vintage style (like the Diamond and Platinum Antique Engagement Ring design in the picture above) possess a stunning and timeless appeal. Have you noticed the rings adorned by Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Sienna Miller? Those are the perfect example of modern vintage-design diamond engagement rings. Jessica Biel also boasted an alluring vintage-inspired style, with an object d’art rope detail on the band.

Besides the vintage rings, pave diamond accents are a favourite among more and more couples. Experts have reported advancement in this trend, with the sober yet-cultivated addition of a “halo” surrounding the centre gemstone.

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