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why are diamonds so strong ?

  • Why are Diamonds so strong ?

You must have heard about the fact that the most resistant material on this earth is Diamond. This is because there is an intense bonding in between all of the diamond’s atoms.

atomic structure diamonds

Therefore it won’t be surprising to say that most of the diamonds explored every year are only used to make cutting and polishing tools. However, the industry only takes the small ones and the ones that don't look good enough to be a beautiful gem for jewellery. So, not every diamond is rare but really good ones are. Interestingly, Miners move out around ten tons of waste dust to get one carat of gem diamonds.

You must be wondering, if diamonds are the strongest thing on earth, how we cut ‘em?  Well, other diamonds which are very small yet very hard are used to cut diamonds. Since the cutting diamonds are so hard, they retain the diamond’s polish and sparkle forever which shapes them into the best gemstone ever. But mind it, strong doesn’t mean un-destroyable.

diamond hard to break

The Diamond’s strength is also considered as the weakness that keeps it from absorbing shock. Diamonds are shock resistant so do not ever try to bang your engagement ring with a hammer; the result would be really, really painful.

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