Eternity Ring and its size!


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eternity ring and its size!

  • Eternity Ring and its size!

An eternal symbol of love and togetherness, Eternity Ring is generally the ring number three worn in the engagement ring finger for the lady. If your wedding band is made of all diamonds, then the eternity ring is of same style and type. However, some variations or modulations can be seen.

You must have often heard from your parents that the eternity ring is received after completing 10+ years of marital bliss, but brides these days receive their eternity ring only after one or two years. This particular idea is entirely driven by women. They are usually found saying “it feels like an eternity already”.

The size of an eternity ring

The size of eternity ring is usually kept at the same size of wedding band to maintain the symmetry. By just increasing the size of diamonds, the same size can be easily obtained for eternity ring after the wedding band. If you are also planning to go with the same scheme, then it will be a great idea to slightly increase the size of diamonds, to make the variation appear intentional.

There is another way to increase the size of eternity ring which is- wear your eternity ring on the ring finger of the right hand. In such choices, the size of eternity ring is doubled as compared to the width of the wedding band.

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