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An expensive purchase comes with an extra concern. We value your botheration! As a responsible online jewellery retailer, we stand behind the quality of every shopping you make at GemTrove. Our commitment is to provide reliable products and totally satisfying shopping experience.


We use only the premium materials to design jewellery and club it with brilliant craftsmanship. You won't find a better diamond or piece of jewellery for the price offered at GemTrove at any given point.

The cut, colour, and clarity of our loose diamonds are gauged based on a standardised grading scale. Also, each loose diamond is accompanied by a grading report from GIA, which is an independent diamond grading lab with the most rigorous grading scale of all labs.


At GemTrove, every piece of jewellery of 1000 AUD or above is entitled for a professional diamond valuation, jewelry evaluation/appraisal from a Member of the National Council of Jewellery valuers or Registered Jewellery Valuer. Customer is free to choose the jewellery valuer of his choice on our panel. We always do our best to earn and retain consumers' trust.


Moreover, to win 100% confidence of customer in the jewellery, we provide an option to the buyer to send the purchased diamonds from us to an independent jewellery appraiser. He can either make an appointment with us to get an appraiser of his choice, or send the diamond to an appraiser/ jewellery valuer of his choice. However, the valuer whom customer chooses must be accredited and follow the National Council of Jewellery Valuers. If in case, the Report and the diamond are at variance, GemTrove bears the fee of the appraiser for the maximum to the extent of 79 AUD.


Also, customer may choose to get the diamond valued/ appraised before making the purchase. In this situation, the time duration of full money back assessment lasts for 20 days.

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Christopher Calambi

Can't thanks raj enough on working with me in designing the most perfect engagement ring. His knowledge on diamonds is paramount! If there's anyone in the market looking for an engagement ring, I strongly suggest you have a consultation with raj first, and I can guarantee you won't look any further. Thanks Raj!

Christopher Calambi -Melbourne -VIC

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